Luminous Bulbine

TIMOLA® Skin Care showcases the many exceptional characteristics and daily uses of Bulbine frustescens. This range of products uses the power of organic Bulbine frutescens leaf juice to restore barrier function, reduce sensitisation and improve moisture retention. We use only the finest quality ingredients. None of our products contain chemical irritants.


Africa has a long lived tradition of creating skin and hair care formulations from the natural ingredients provided by its abundant and varied flora. Extracted from the heart of Africa, TIMOLA® Oil products use only natural and 100% pure oils. TIMOLA® Oil products are safe and proven to be highly effective as cosmetic products as they do not contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or artificial colours and are great for even the most sensitive skin types.

Pretty Powderful

TIMOLA® Powder range includes a variety of powders, from superfood to clay, that have been utilised by indigenous people for thousands of years. Our superfood products are extremely dense in vital nutrients, antioxidants, anti-carcinogens, and cell-repairing vitamins & minerals. Our green clay & kaolin clay are valued for their highly absorbent properties and high content in minerals and are particularly beneficial as a therapeutic treatment for a variety of health concerns.


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